Doctors hospital Nassau Bahamas Rendering


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LOCATION Nassau, Bahama

The proposed modernization program has three components: a vertical addition which will house expansion of clinical services, the addition of an Energy Center – to house new mechanical systems – and the systematic renovation of existing hospital space. The plan calls for the addition of 37,000 sq. ft. to the Doctors Hospital. Approximately 23,000 sq. ft. of this new construction will house clinical services and 11,000 sq. ft. will comprise the Energy Center. The existing hospital – some 72,000 sq. ft. – will be renovated after the new construction is complete.

The clinical expansion will be accomplished by adding two floors above the existing building, as well as a similar addition above the two-story portion of the 1991 Hospital Building. The new structure will provide the opportunity for surgical services to grow in place and the opportunity to increase total bed capacity from 68 to 84 beds. The number of private rooms will increase from 8 to 22, the number of operating suites will increase from 3 to 4 and two dedicated endoscopy rooms will be added. The number of pre- and post-operative beds will increase from 8 to 11.