St Catherine Image1

LOCATION Hialeah Gardens, Florida

This 80-bed comprehensive medical rehabilitation hospital serves the individualized therapeutic needs of patients. Located on a compact 2.7-acre site, the three-story scale of the facility complements its surrounding neighborhood. The center features a skylight water rehabilitation center with an indoor pool for aqua therapy. Spacious physical therapy suites and occupational therapy areas utilize state-of-the-art equipment and provide ample room for therapists to work with patients.

The center’s in-patient living areas and communal spaces offer full accessibility to the physically challenged and impart a warm, home-like atmosphere to aid the healing process. Soothing colors were specifically selected to enhance the calming environment. Durable finishes allow for easy maintenance. Pedestrian and wheelchair-friendly gardens complement the bright, inviting interior and encourage therapists and patients to utilize the outdoors in their therapy sessions.

St Catherine