LOCATION Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

This treatment/research/teaching facility is part of the Holy Cross Hospital Campus. The facility was built in response to Mr. Moran’s desire to improve cardiac treatment and improve wellness. The five-story building houses a wellness center, the Heart Healthy Café, a learning lab for technicians and various medical practices. The building is accessed through a two-story formal lobby, framed with rich wood paneling honoring the mission donors on the first level and above, by access balcony to the second floor exercise spaces. The learning lab is designed to provide continuous education to the medical staff with state-of-the-arts robotics and telecommunication. The wellness centers exercise area is equipped with a myriad of cardio equipment with exercise and demonstration spaces above. The cafeteria-style café serves healthy meals to vistors and staff. The building was designed to compliment the existing campus, yet provide a new modern entrance to the entire facility.