Jackson South Building

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LOCATION Miami, Florida

Developed and implemented plans for a major expansion and renovation to Jackson South Community Hospital. The $65M project consisted of a new 4-story patient tower with 100 private patient rooms, with shelled space for an additional 36 beds, atop an ancillary base housing a new surgical suite with eight rooms and two cath Labs, endoscopy department, pharmacy and outpatient services. Also, a new emergency department with 23 stations was created along with a central energy plant. Various renovations were completed within the existing structure.

A new wide, first floor corridor spanning the hospital’s east-west axis serves as a public concourse offering access to the various departments. The passage is curved to visually shorten its apparent length, and high ceilings and natural light brings in the outdoors. A new glass-enclosed detached lobby further enhances the connection to nature. The design concept honors the community being served by the hospital, incorporating the South Florida landscape as its theme. Each of the floors is represented by different elements of the Everglades with the following colors used as wayfinding: greens (grass), blues (water), and oranges (flowers) are reflected in the design for signage, lighting, common areas and flooring.

Jackson South Room

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