Doctor's Hospital expansion images

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LOCATION Coral Gables, Florida

Doctors Hospital of Coral Gables implemented  an ambitious master plan that included the goal of rebranding it as a boutique hospital. The first phase was comprised of expanding and renovating the Emergency Department. Due to the site constraints, it was agreed that it had to expand in place. The project included increasing the number of exam rooms from 16 positions to 27 private rooms and updating the support areas to current standards. A large central nursing station was created to improve staff efficiency and maintain visual control of most of the rooms. The work was designed to be constructed in phases, always maintaining the department in full operation and never reducing the number of rooms. The enabling component required relocation of the Laboratory and the Pharmacy. The project also offered the opportunity to begin updating the exterior of the building with the introduction of a new patient drop-off and ambulance entrance; a central canopy creates a new focal point for the exterior of the building, with adjacent covered walkways which introduce sleek metal panels with large support columns to frame the elevation. This new architectural language will be introduced to the front entrance in the next phase of renovation.